Put your best boob forward: even in pajamas

The fact is, years of on-cue sex can erode anyone's animal instincts. Keep the pressure low: rather than wearing a stellar outfit on The Day, put your effort into looking "coincidentally sexy" at all times.

To do so you must find The Holy Grail of lingerie: something blazingly sexy, that you'd choose - even if alone - to sleep in. We know, not an easy mission. But it's a must for 2 reasons: contrived desire is not sexy, and sexiness is cumulative.

Tight and Awkward PJs
"OMG it's ovulation day
...and I'm so tired"

Cute but comy pjs
"Hmm, look at that cute
thing curled up in my bed"

When you hunt for this Holy Grail of lingerie,
consider these questions:

  1. Will this be comfortable to sleep in?
  2. Can I change a load of laundry while wearing this?
  3. Speaking of laundry, can I wash this with the rest of my stuff?
  4. Would Penelope Cruz (or your equivalent) wear this?

If the item scores 4/4 you have a winner. Get multiples of it, but not too many - you should aim to have at least 14 different sets. Any less and you'll start blending in with the furniture.

We won't make specific recommendations here, since every body is so different. Just find a system that works for you and your father-to-be. Avoid the large bows, thongs, gemstones, and anything tight. Embrace the silky, the sheer, and the simple.

We do recommend you bookmark the sale section of Victoria Secret. Try to order several items to keep the shipping cost per item low. Returns are easy and just $6 shipping.

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