Best value pregnancy tests

"Am I pregnant yet? How about now? How about now?" If this sounds familiar, you're on the right page. At the time, it's no problem to part with $10 to answer that critical question. However, when you're trying to conceive (ttc), you ask that question a lot, and the purchases can add up.

First, we strongly recommend you follow a set of rules for your own sanity. For example:

  1. No testing earlier than 5 days before your expected period (no tests claim to measure that far anyway)
  2. No testing 2 days in a row
  3. No more than 3 tests per cycle
  4. Never use an expired pregnancy test - it's not a sales gimmick, they really do expire and may give you a false negative

Second, get the cheapest pregnancy tests available, which are the strips by DMI:

After getting your result for less than 50 cents, you'll never buy those $10 pregnancy tests again.

Since pregnancy tests typically don't tell you their sensitivity (the HcG level it can detect) there's no point paying for the most expensive test. "You get what you pay for," is currently, "You don't know what you paid for." Tests labeled "early pregnancy tests" usually will measure any HcG level over 20 mIU/mL. If it does not advertise anything about being an early test, it probably can only measure levels over 50 mIU/ML. In early pregnancy, HcG levels should double every day, so a regular test would catch a pregnancy 2 days after the early pregnancy test.

Note: These are test strips, not test sticks, so you can't pee directly on them - you have to go into a cup and dip the strip in up to its line.

How to take a home pregnancy test: Video Tutorial

(with a good example of a faint line result)

Get the Flash Player to see this video.

Remember, you will ALWAYS get 1 line unless there was an error.
A negative pregnancy test has one line.
A positive pregnancy test has two lines, of any shade.

Finally, for those of you who prefer
peeing directly onto a stick, there are some tests
like the one on the left for around $3 each.

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