Best way to predict ovulation

Get your pom poms out because peeing on a stick is not just for pregnancy tests anymore

There are many ways of tracking ovulation: you can examine your vaginal discharge (or saliva under a microscope), chart your daily temperature, notice a little twinge sensation in your ovaries, or even reach up and give your cervix a good stroke. We recommend doing something you'd do anyway: peeing.

Fertility Monitors are not the cheapest method,
but they are the easiest and most accurate way to know when you ovulate.

Ovulation Tests work just like a pregnancy test, you pee on the stick and wait for the results. The only difference is you do this almost every day. Some tests include a monitor, other cheaper ones display results right on the stick. Tempted to go cheap on this product? One of our fertile pandas wasted months that way without ever seeing a 2nd line (indicating ovulation). But as soon as she switched to a monitor she got ovulation readings. The monitor-based products find your hormone peak relative to your baseline levels. So, unlike the simple sticks, you'll get good data, YOUR data.

One thing that isn't super fun is reading the manual. That's why we made 2 short video clips to show you how to really use it.

How to use the Clearblue Fertility Monitor: Video Tutorial

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How to use Clearblue Fertility Test Sticks: Video Tutorial

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The products featured are the Clearblue Fertility Monitor and Test Sticks, available at most drugstores, but the best price (other than Ebay) is on Amazon.

~Read the Clearblue instructions as a pdf~

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