Top 10 Ways to Improve your Fertility

  1. Chart your cycles
  2. Knowing how long your cycles are is the first step toward knowing when you ovulate. Knowing when you ovulate is the first step toward conceiving. Take a look at the best way to chart your cycles.

  3. Take vitamins
  4. Confused about multi-vitamins vs fertility vs pre-natal vitamins? Find out what the consensus is in the medical community.

  5. Use an ovulation predictor
  6. Urine-measurement fertility monitors are the best way to predict your ovulation (and the one recommended by fertility doctors). See why and watch a video tutorial for using the Clearblue Fertility Monitor.

  7. Use a pre-ovulation predictor
  8. For some, having intercourse once you're ovulating is too late. See the best product for giving you a countdown to ovulation.

  9. Buy bulk pregnancy tests
  10. Don't be the fool paying $10 per pregnancy test. Find the cheapest test along with a video tutorial on taking a pregnancy test.

  11. Have father-to-be take vitamins
  12. See recommended doses and the studies that support them, along with comparisons of the major fertility supplements.

  13. Buy that what-to-expect book
  14. You may feel silly buying a pregnancy book before you're pregnant, but these actually have useful information on conception and early pregnancy symptoms.

  15. Get sperm-friendly lube
  16. Even if you don't normally use any, check out a product that's scientifically proven to lubricate without trapping sperm.

  17. Gain weight and/or reduce your exercise
  18. See why those of you who over-exercise or keep yourself lean may be damaging your fertility. The good news is it's temporary.

  19. Wear coincidentally sexy PJs
  20. Keep your significant other from feeling like a sperm donor with this sleepwear strategy.

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